Child Custody Tips for Unmarried Parents

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Choosing to end a relationship is always considered one of the most difficult things for couples to do. This choice is particularly more difficult when you and your ex-partner have kids.

Child custody arrangement isn’t as simple as choosing who gets to keep the appliances and other items. There are a lot of factors you need to think about if you’re facing child custody problems after splitting up with your former partner.

When figuring out the result of your child custody arrangement, you need to know the crucial factors that the family court will consider.

As you navigate this legal process, it’s ideal to hire a reliable child custody lawyer for help. If you want to learn more, continue reading below:

Custody Options for Unmarried Parents

For those who don’t know, a family court judge can either grant joint custody or sole custody.

As the name implies, joint custody refers to an arrangement when both parents equally share time and responsibilities to an extent. Meanwhile, sole custody means only one parent can obtain complete custody while the other one is granted scheduled visitation time with the kid with particular conditions.

On occasions where there is a history of domestic or child abuse, the family court grants sole custody to one parent without giving the other parent visitation rights. There are a couple of occasions where supervised visits with a social worker are permitted.

Figuring Out Child Custody

Each case is different. Child custody arrangement and results vary on a case-by-case basis. This means that there isn’t any general or standard child custody arrangement for unmarried parents when they divorce.

Couples can choose to agree on a parenting plan and set it up outside of court or via mediation with a child custody law firm.

On the other hand, if the couples can agree on a custodial arrangement on their own, they’ll need to present their case before a family court judge.

Then, the judge will carefully consider and look at several factors before deciding anything.

  • Any history of domestic violence or abuse in the household.
  • The wishes of the kid – if he/she is old enough to share an opinion.
  • If one parent previously served as the main caregiver.
  • The relationship of the kid to each parent’s other family members, community, and household.
  • The ability of each parent to care and offer the needs of the kid.
  • The relationship of the kid to every parent.

Setting Up Your Parental Rights

For married people with kids, verifying parental rights is usually extremely straightforward. On the other hand, that is not the case for unmarried parents.

When the parents of a kid aren’t married officially, it is going to present hard challenges when it comes to figuring out parental rights.

A parent should prove his or her right to the kid to attain custodial rights. Because of this, it is extremely helpful to hire a reliable child custody lawyer for help. This is particularly true since the process for unmarried parents can be extremely overwhelming.

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Roofing Terms You Should Know

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Oftentimes, it can be a bit confusing to talk to your roofer about your roofing project. The reason for this is that most roofers use roofing terms that you probably do not understand very well.

Your roof is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. Because of this, you need to communicate clearly and easily with the roofer you’re going to work with.

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Today, we’re going to share with you some of the most common roofing terms you should know when working with Forth Worth commercial roofers.


The measurement that roofers use to measure your roof’s surface is called square. They are talking about the size of your roof. This helps a roofer figure out the number of shingles they’ll require, together with other materials.

A single square is equivalent to the size of 10 ft. x 10 ft. Thus, it is equivalent to around 100 square feet.

For instance, the size of your roof is around 2000 square feet if the roofer tells you that your roof is around 20 squares.


Flashing is a material that is used to protect your roof from leaks and other types of penetrations.

It refers to metal strips or pieces that a roofer installs all around your roof’s protrusions. These materials are typically corrosion-resistant. They stop water from getting under the underlayment and/or shingles by moving it to your gutter.


As the name suggests, penetrations include every single thing that sticks out or penetrates out of your roof. This typically includes vent pipes, vents, skylights, chimneys, and much more.

Keep in mind that these components are most prone to leaks. Because of that, roofers use flashing to protect them further.


One part of your roof is called the underlayment. It’s the component that roofers installed just below the shingles and directly onto the decking.

It’s an extra layer of protection. It can be waterproof or water-resistant. Synthetic underlayment, rubberized asphalt, and asphalt-saturated felt are the most popular forms of underlayment.

Sheathing or Decking

Decking or roof deck is the base or the foundation of the roof. Oftentimes, roofers call it the sheathing. It is a flat component of the roof that is found in the bottom and is attached directly to the attic.

The primary job of decking is to offer structural support for the entire roofing material. Because of this, it needs to be stable and strong. Typically, it is made of composite wood or plywood.

Roof Shingles

Perhaps the most common word you’ll hear from a professional roofer. Almost every person probably knows this word already.

You can find shingles on the top of your roof. They form the outer layer of the roof. The one that you’re seeing when you look at your roof is the shingles.

Typically, shingles are rectangular and flat pieces that cover the whole surface of the roof. There are various materials for shingles. This can include wood, asphalt, slate, tile, and more. The job of shingles is to protect your house.

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Stuttering: Is it a Major Concern?  

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Stuttering is a bit common among kids, especially the very young ones who still have trouble organizing their thoughts and blurting their ideas out. Kids aged 2 to 5 years old tend to stutter and that’s very normal. This condition is a form dysfluency in speech.  

Major Concern

Stuttering is characterized by repeating syllables, words, and phrases. Sometimes, the speaker may also prolong the sounds, stop abruptly, or make no sound at all for certain syllables. There are many other reasons why your speech is interrupted but this is a problem that should be addressed right away.  

What Causes Stuttering? 

Stuttering may be associated with a lot of factors and it even includes genetics. Studies show that about 60% of children who stutters have close family members who do the same. It may also be attributed to their rapid rate of speech or their heightened activity level.  

Another issue why stuttering occurs is developmental delays and language problems. These two conditions are highly associated with mental health issues such as autism and ADHD. People who stutter may have a certain way of processing language in their brain. This happens when the brain can’t interact properly with the muscles and body parts that are needed for speaking.  

Stuttering Among Children  

Stuttering may seem cute among children who are just learning to speak. As a matter of fact, children as young as 18 months old may stutter as they begin to put words together and form sentences. It is necessary for parents to see through this particular development in their child. To help them with their speech, it is best that they talk to them frequently and gently correct them with their pronunciation.  

Stuttering may last only for several weeks or a few months for older children. Some may even experience it sporadically. It is not really a cause for major concern during its early stages. However, if one’s stuttering is getting longer than necessary, then a speech pathologist may have to intervene. Stuttering should go away as children grow, usually when they reach 6 years old and up. But if the issue persists, assistance should be sought.  

Speech Pathologists May Help  

Speech pathologists are the professionals whom you can consult with if you think that your child is stuttering too much and that he needs professional assistance in correcting his speech. A series of therapy session will be scheduled to help then slowly but surely do away with stuttering and speak as fluently as children of their age should.  

Speech therapy may either be long or short, depending on the response the speech therapist gets on the child. It’s also important that you try to continue with the sessions at home so that the therapy doesn’t stop. Faster improvement means fewer sessions. But more importantly, your child gains confidence in communicating with other people and that’s what really important. 

Know more about the many ways a speech therapist can help you. Schedule a consultation with one today. It’s necessary that you address the problem early so it won’t be an issue in your child’s growth and development in the future. 

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Should You Hire a Party Bus to Vegas? 

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Las Vegas is the ultimate party place. If you intend to rock it out in this part of the world, then you should maximize all efforts to get the most pleasurable experience possible. Parties and celebrations in Las Vegas require extravagance and pompousness. Renting a party bus to Vegas can definitely make that happen.  

Bus to Vegas

Whether it’s your bachelor or bachelorette party, wedding day, or birthday celebration that’s about to come up, you should start planning to the extreme. Celebrations and milestones are best shared with families and friends, which is why they must join you not just in that memorable night in Las Vegas, but also on the road trip from your home all the way to the ultimate destination.  

Make That Day Special  

A party bus is a special type of bus that can accommodate a good number of people. It can take you wherever you want to go, with everyone having access to fun and drinks. The facilities available in party buses vary greatly, but they mostly have neon lights, bars, plasma TVs, and all the works. All of these can definitely make your party to Las Vegas twice as fun. 

Renting a party bus is certainly a lot more fun than driving all the way on your own to Las Vegas. The ride in your car won’t be half as enjoyable even if you have the funniest guy in the backseat. In party buses, you enjoy overflowing drinks and loud music without having to worry about anything because you have an experienced chauffeur driving you around and looking out after you, your family, and friends.  

The Fun Doesn’t Have To Stop 

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. It’s a place where the fun literally never stops. Night or day, Las Vegas is alive. If you ever want to join in that level of fun that Las Vegas provides, then you should make your arrival conducive to one. Hire a party bus and you’ll enjoy Las Vegas in its full color, shape, and form. It’s like trying the lifestyle of the rich and famous even for just that very special day of your life.  

Hire these luxury vehicles from trusted providers so you can get the best ride for the least possible price. Not all party buses are the same so you must practice full discretion when renting these vehicles. If you can inspect the service provider’s whole fleet of party buses first, then that’s what you should do. That’s a good way to know that you’re getting the type of party bus with all the features that you’re looking for.  

Whatever that celebration is going to be, a party bus is definitely the perfect ride. Call up a party bus rental provider near you and let them help you decide which one suits your needs the most. There are party buses perfect of wedding parties, anniversaries, club hopping, concert nights, and bachelor parties. You surely want to make these events the most memorable ones of your life.  

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5 Advantages of Mobile Car Repair  

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Mobile car repair trumps traditional car repair on a number of things. The best reasons why you should opt for this service instead are listed below. Seriously consider one the next time your car needs some repair. To get you started, what you need is top-class mobile car repair Los Angeles.  

 Mobile Car Repair
The top five advantage of mobile car repair includes convenience, cost efficiency, fast service, quick results, and upfront quotes. Each of them is described in full details below. All of these are what you’ll enjoy once you decide to use mobile car repair services.  

  1. Convenience

How does car repair where and when you need it sounds like? With a mobile mechanic, you can have car problems in the middle of the road and never worry about it because there’ll somebody to help you with your ordeal. You don’t have to concern yourself about getting your car to a garage to have it fixed. Wherever you are, car mechanics will come to you instead.  

  1. Cost Efficiency 

There are a lot of issues when it comes to taking a broken car to the mechanic’s garage. It’s either you sacrifice your own safety and drive your damaged car to the garage or hire a towing company to do it for you. Either way, it’s going to cost you so much in terms of trouble, money, and effort. All of these issues disappear once you have a mechanic coming to your car’s location instead.  

  1. Fast Service

Almost all mobile mechanics are readily on call. That means they have their lines open 24/7 and they can come down to meet you a few minutes after you have requested assistance. This is something you can’t enjoy in traditional garages, as you need to set a schedule with the mechanic and wait until they get around working on your car. With a mobile car repair expert, you can get your car working in no time.  

  1. Quick Results 

If the car mechanic comes to your location, they intend to fix the issue on the same day or they’ll keep on driving to where the car is until the issue is resolved. If the problem is a little too complicated to be fixed on location, they’ll provide a temporary solution that will allow you to drive your car safely to their garage for a full tune-up. Either way, you get results by simply calling them up.  

  1. Upfront Quotes

With a mobile car mechanic, you don’t have to worry about additional charges like garage storage fees. Oftentimes, you only have to pay for labor charges and replacement parts. You’ll also get the quote at the moment the mechanic arrives and you’re free to inspect it prior to agreeing to the service. 

When you consider all of these advantages, you’ll clearly see that hiring a mobile car repair expert is the more viable choice. Find such providers near you and choose the one with a proven track record, which is not so hard to do in Los Angeles. With high-quality mobile car repair Los Angeles, you know that your vehicle is always in good hands.  


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